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SCLO appointed as National Legal Experts in International Fund for Agricultural Development (“IFAD”) PPP Project in Sudan


SCLO appointed as National Legal Experts in International Fund for Agricultural Development (“IFAD”) PPP Project in Sudan

Monday, September 28, 2020

SCLO are delighted to announce that Managing Partner Wael Omer Abdin has been appointed Senior National Legal Expert and Dalia Obeid, Managing Associate has been appointed as Junior National Legal Expert working closely with Landell Mills in the establishment and running of the Public Private Partnership Unit within the ongoing project of Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Sudan (  Landell Mills has extensive experience working in Sudan and they currently have two ongoing projects in the country.

SCLO tendered for and won the contract to act as an National Consulting Firm for International Technical Assistance to establish and run the Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme (“LMRP”), to identify, develop and structure the Public Private Partnership Projects (“PPPP”) in three value chains, ready for private sector participation and assist the LMRP in conducting pre-feasibility and technical and financial feasibility studies for the projects, and help the public entities conduct a competitive tender process for the selection of the private investors.


The Government of Sudan (GoS) received a loan from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) for the implementation of Livestock Marketing and Resilience Programme (LMRP). The LMRP goal is to increase food security and incomes for poor households in pastoralist communities; its development objective is to increase earnings and improve living conditions in livestock-based communities.

As a means to achieve such goals and objectives, LMRP includes a Livestock Business Development Component, part of which is Livestock Value Chain Expansion using Pro-poor Public-Private Partnership (PPPP) Business Models. The targeted value chains being Live (sheep and cattle), red meat sheep and cattle, and hide/skins/leather sheep and cattle.

The objective of the consultancy service that SCLO will provide is to develop and structure bankable transactions in the three identified value chains that could be successfully offered by the relevant GoS Agencies to private investors for financing, construction, operation and maintenance using PPP contracts.

These are split into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Assess value chains to determine a financially viable number of PPPP transactions in each value chain, and assess institutional responsibility to award the contracts including undertaking market studies to determine supply/demand of livestock trends in local and export markets and assess/identify the institutional responsibilities in the three value chains.

Phase 2: Prepare feasibility studies for PPPP projects identified in Phase 1.  Activities include clarifying of legal issues regarding the institutional/regulatory responsibilities for the procurement laws for awarding of PPP contracts; undertaking full feasibility studies including preliminary designs for the most promising five of the seven PPPP projects identified in phase 1; and, putting together the PPP packages for expanding the three value chains.

Phase 3: Implement the tendering for the five PPPP projects. Phase 3 will involve market consultations, preparation of all the necessary tender documents, including the draft Project Agreements (for each of the seven projects), and assistance to the relevant agency in the GoS in the conduct of the full procurement process up to the award of the Project.

SCLO recently finalised Phase 1 and is looking forward to working together with Landell Mills on the next Phases of the Project.

To find out more about the work of Landell Mills in Sudan, click the following link:

SCLO’s extensive Public Private Partnership (PPP) experience includes high profile work in Sudan. Wael Omer Abdin, SCLO’s Founder and Managing Partner, counselled the World Bank Group in the provision of PPP support to the Republic of Sudan.  Mr Abdin was appointed by Castalia as the Sudanese legal expert in the project, providing consultancy services for provision of PPP support for the Republic of Sudan.  SCLO supported Castalia in drafting a PPP Bill in Sudan and ensuring its compatibility with the Sudanese Legal System. You can find out more about Castalia and their work by clicking on this link:

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September 28, 2020


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