Technology, Media & Telecoms (TMT)


Media, telecommunications and information technology (IT) companies rely on SCLO to help guide them through establishing their presence in Sudan. As the Sudanese telecommunications market opens up to the private sector, we render the required legal consultations to companies to conduct business with confidence.

Our firm provides legal services which assist telecommunications, media, and IT companies in their operations in Sudan. We also provide experienced advice on the (TMT) aspects associated with mergers, acquisitions, clearances, commercial transactions, regulatory considerations, e-commerce, and data privacy. In the event a dispute arises, we work closely with our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team to ensure our clients' objectives are achieved.

Our work has included:

Acting as Sudanese Legal Counsel for a Magic Circle law firm. SCLO Analysed the feasibility of a major merger in the telecommunications sector from anti-trust and regulatory perspectives as a matter of Sudanese law. In addition to conducting and reporting on legal and regulatory due diligence on the target company, SCLO advised on Sudanese law aspects of the negotiation and drafting of the transaction documents, shareholder rights, corporate insolvency, and corporate governance. SCLO also advised on the structuring and implementation of the post-completion entity as a matter of Sudanese telecommunications law and corporate law and on the navigation of Sudan’s foreign ownership restrictions.

Advising a world leader in telecommunications on compliance with a number of issues as a matter of Sudanese law in the context of its multinational operations. This included advising on Sudanese law aspects of corporate governance, employment law, intellectual property, antitrust, anti-bribery, environmental law, and foreign exchange regulations.

Conducting legal, regulatory, and commercial diligence for a high-profile software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider looking to offer its services in Sudan.

Working in partnership with an international law firm, advising on compliance related to the provision of video-over-IP (VoIP) in Sudan by a company based in India. This included advising on Sudanese law aspects of privacy and data security, marketing, third-party payment processor use, intellectual property, taxation, and regulatory enforcement.

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